Bumps, Babies + Working Mamahood!

Bumps, Babies + Working Mamahood!

September 09, 2020


We've been a bit quiet at the Sugarcube Body Co HQ as we adjust to life with twins (Mum of 5 over here now!)

I just wanted to say a HUGE thankyou to all of our loyal #sugartribe for sticking with us while we stepped back over the last year as we learned to manage this sweet bunch.

I have so much appreciation for working mamas out there (and super hard working stay at home mamas - because that isn't easy either!).

My sugar addiction has only grown stronger as my 3 x weekly Sugar Scrub sessions have helped me through 2 pregnancies + post natal weight loss skin recoveries. Stretch marks + the glamorous twin mum tum are a big part of pregnancy + post partum skin stress - but I am thrilled to report that by keeping up (a pretty lazy) skincare routine - I am very proud of how my skin has fared on my baby journey. 

As a super sensitive skin owner - our blend of Organic Sugars, Coconut + Jojoba Oils have soothed my sore stretched twin tum keeping my skin nourished + smooth. Shower time is the perfect place to ensure you lock moisture into your skin. Sugar acts as a humectant drawing moisture (and our luxe oils) into your skin as the scrubbing effect opens up your pores. Scrubbing also removes dead skincells which helps improve the appearance of markings.

So thankyou again to all of those amazing women who have been so supportive + patient along the way.

We cant wait to show you what 2020/ 2021 has in store!

Kat x

Luxe Organic Sugar Scrubs 
Made in New Zealand

Things we do put in our products:

Organic raw, and coconut sugar ll Pure, cold pressed essential oils || Organic jojoba oil ll Organic coconut oil || Natural ground maize

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