Hello Sugar - Meet our sweet Christchurch Team!

Hello Sugar - Meet our sweet Christchurch Team!

February 04, 2018

Hello Sugar!

We thought it was time for some introductions...

Meet our wee Christchurch Team!

Kat, Becs + Alfie x

Kat runs the day to day business stuff + social media. With a background in Account Management & Property fuelled by sugar … turning life upside down to pursue sweet treats full time seemed like a no brainer! 

Becs is our talented in house designer + creative guru. After winning Australasian design awards for International brands, Becs is being put to work designing our new packaging concepts, retail point of sale displays, advertising materials and managing our sweet website.

Alfie is our token male model. Although his thick Birman Fur hides his manly pecks … Alfie takes his role as brand ambassador very seriously! Although we never test on animals, this does not stop Alfie trying to give it a go once in a while - he has crashed more than a few photo shoots!

As a team we appreciate luxe natural products. We LOVE our pamper sessions and a good ole Sugar Scrub is the top of our list!

We are passionate about our all natural ingredients and adore hearing about the AMAZING results our clients are seeing in their skin.

Body confidence is Number One and loving what you have is what its all about. We are inspired by strong woman who are taking over their worlds and we would love to be a part of it!

So a big THANKYOU for supporting local business … because we literally could not scrub up well without you!

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Luxe Organic Sugar Scrubs 
Made in New Zealand

Things we do put in our products:

Organic raw, and coconut sugar ll Pure, cold pressed essential oils || Organic jojoba oil ll Organic coconut oil || Natural ground maize

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